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The Case Against Abortion

Children protest against abortion in Tasmania.

Life Network Australia - Sunday, April 14, 2013

The ABC have reported that "There have been angry scenes outside Tasmania's Parliament as schoolchildren as young as nine protested against abortion.

More than 200 people rallied against proposed changes to the state's laws to allow abortions up to 24 weeks into a pregnancy."

Comments from E.M.I.L.Y List's Tasmanian Premier included:

 "I think that people will look at that and think that's a step too far,"

 "I find it really abhorrent to see the sort of campaign that's been raised now on a really sensitive issue".

"I'm concerned to see young kids involved in a debate like this.

"There was a good point made in some of the commentary that I saw, that these young people are at an age that they haven't actually lived long in the life to experience the competing issues that adults have to confront in their lifetime."

Sadly, Premier Giddings is happy to endorse abortion without parental consent for minors, but takes issue with young people having a say in legislation that would inevitably impact their own generation.

"Southern Christian College principal Alan Lawson says students and parents want their (pro life) views on abortion heard". Sadly, the proposed legislation is about silencing those who oppose abortion, and the Premier's response to the pro life protest confirms this. 


You can voice your concerns about this proposed legislation to Premier Lara Giddings here

Fourteen babies born alive and left to die - W.A.

Life Network Australia - Thursday, May 03, 2012


Perth Now has reported that the Western Australian Health Department is investigating the deaths of 14 babies who were born alive after abortion attempts and were left to die.

According to the article, hospital records show that no resuscitation or medical treatment of any kind was provided to these babies, one of whom was over 26 weeks old.

Labor MPs, Kate Doust and Ed Dermer have called for a Parliamentary enquiry into their deaths.

 In response to a petition of 5,000 signatures, submitted by the Coalition for the Defence of Human Life, Health Minister, Kim Hames said the deaths would be investigated. He has said that a baby's attempts to breath after birth "do not necessarily indicate viability".

The article reports that "the committee closed its inquiries into the deaths despite no further correspondence from Dr Hames of the investigation".

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Federal politicians ignore warning about RU486 - and now a woman has died.

Life Network Australia - Monday, March 19, 2012

Last May (2011), Life Network Australia reported the harm done by the RU486 abortion pill in South Australia, where some 400 women were hospitalised in just one year.

At the time, Dr. Mulligan said that "Australian doctors are on a learning curve" in the use of RU486.  Life Network Australia argued that they were playing with the lives of women and babies.

This article was sent to Nicola Roxon, former Federal Minister for Health and to Peter Dutton, Shadow Minister for Health. However our warnings were ignored and now a woman has died from what The Australian call a "bedroom abortion".

The Australian reports that the Therapeutic Goods Administration has "issued a notice to doctors and clinics to review their follow up care". Life Network Australia continues to argue that abortion does not qualify as "therapeutic" and should be taken out of their hands.

Life Network Australia again calls on Nicola Roxon to suspend access to the RU486 abortion pill - or women (not to mention the babies) will continue to die.

This tragic death follows that of another mother, just before Christmas - and a near fatality just weeks before that in Melbourne. For every baby it is a certain agonising death!

 "Legal, safe and rare"? ...no such thing!


Medic who accidently gave "healthy twin" lethal injection still working at the Royal Women's Hospital.

Life Network Australia - Saturday, March 03, 2012

The Herald Sun (March 1, 2012) have provided an update on the investigation into the abortion of the "wrong twin" last November at the Royal Women's Hospital in Melbourne (see article below).

It has been reported that the medic who "wrongly aborted a healthy twin foetus still works at the Royal Women's Hospital".

An independent report, led by Canberra Hospital's Professor David Ellwood, found that human error was the cause of the mistake.

According to the article, "The Royal Women's will not release the report publicly until it forms part of a government publication expected this year" - we understand that this will not be until November 2012, a full year since the tragic abortion of the twins.

Chief executive of the Australian Patients Association has said that the report should be made public and the association questioned why the findings of the report was being "brushed under the carpet".

As expected, a Royal Women's Hospital spokeswoman said that "there would be no comment on the clinician's work status".

Once again, we would like to know why there appears to be an exception to standard medical protocol and accountability when it comes to abortion and why doesn't the public have the right to know the findings of this initial report?

What happened last November:

The Herald Sun have reported a tragic double abortion of 32 week old twin boys at the Royal Women's Hospital in Melbourne. The first baby was killed as a result of a "bungle" in which a healthy twin was aborted by mistake. The second abortion was performed on the advice of a doctor, for the baby boy with a congenital heart problem.

The Herald Sun said that "The mother then had an emergency caesarean section and the sick child was terminated in a three-hour operation". A family friend said that she is traumatised. 

Health Minister David Davis said: "This is an absolute tragedy for all concerned and my sympathies are with the family." However, Mr. Davis has a duty to immediately call for an overhaul of the barbaric Victorian abortion laws - where late term abortion is now available right up until birth (with a 600% increase in late term abortions at this very hospital since the 2008 Victorian abortion law reform).

Since the law reform, Melbourne has also seen some 40 women infected with hepatitis C, a mother almost killed in a late term abortion that should never have been performed and now the tragic loss of twin boys - not to mention the 22,000 other babies killed annually in Victoria. What is it going to take, Mr Davis?

The Victorian government fails to recognise that these twin boys and their family deserved better than abortion and must accept responsibility for the horrors occurring in clinics everyday in Victoria. 

Radio Interview with the ABC reporter dealing with the family concerned:  


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Federal MPs must reconsider RU486

Life Network Australia - Saturday, May 28, 2011
Is the silence on the devastating effects of the RU486 drug in South Australia, as deafening to you?  In 2006, the champagne flowed freely after what some from across all parties considered to be an outstanding achievement - the approval of the abortion drug by the "Therapeutic" Goods Administration. Every single MP who was a member of the ALP's Emily's List at the time supported the vote.
These "champions" of the drug must surely be reconsidering their passion for RU486!  Last year some 400 women were hospitalised in South Australia alone for botched RU486 abortions. We have no information of the long term physical or psychological outcomes for these patients and we hear nothing about the drug being withdrawn or at the very least, its use investigated. 
The Australian (see link for South Australia above) quoted Dr. Mulligan, who said that "Australian doctors are on a learning curve" in the use of RU486.  The idea of a "learning curve" is alarming when the lives of women, babies and families are so negatively affected by this drug, which some have likened to "backyard" abortions.

These MPs should have heeded the advice of an open letter to Federal Parliament, which strongly warned of the risks (now being experienced in S.A).  Despite being  "an internationally recognised feminist and academic who has worked on reproductive issues for 25 years and strongly supports a woman's right to safe and legal abortion", the author of the letter warned that "RU486 on its own works in only 40 to 60 per cent of women so that 48 hours after its administration a second drug, a prostaglandin, must be taken orally or inserted into the vagina. Since the 1970s, prostaglandins have been rejected by the women's health movement as far too dangerous to use as abortifacients as they cause such severe and painful contractions in some women that the uterus may be irreversibly damaged. They can also lead to uncontrollable blood loss."
She continued... "Moreover, in up to 10 per cent of women the RU486/prostaglandin abortion is incomplete. This necessitates that one or two weeks later they need to return to a medical clinic to remove the remains of the pregnancy by dilation and curettage. Apart from being dangerous, as the recent deaths in Sweden and the US have shown, this drawn-out period is hugely traumatic."

One would reasonably expect that Federal Parliament reconsider and investigate the use of RU486, given the alarming statistics from South Australia, which are more evidence of the under-regulation of abortion procedures and the damage that abortion continues to do to women (not to mention the unborn!).